Gripped Survival Whistle - Titanium


Our Gripped Survival Whistle is precision machined, durable and reliable. The lightweight whistle maintains performance even in the harshest of conditions due to its unique construction and mechanics. The GR5 titanium and the precise CNC machining used in production yield practical outdoor EDC gear with unique aesthetics.

Material: GR5 Titanium alloy


  • Density: 4.5(g/cm3); super light, no extra burden
  • Hardnes: HRC30, very durable
  • Rustproof: never rust in any circumstance
  • Corrosion resistant to acid and alkali
  • Heat resistant from -100~550(℃) (-148~1022(℉))
  • Nontoxic eco-friendly metal material
  • Moderate knurling
  • Elegant stripes
  • Convenient eyelet

Other Specs:

  • Length: 58mm
  • Outer diameter: 8mm
  • Inner diameter: 7mm
  • Net weight: 5.8g
  • Core material: Teflon
  • Max decibel: 120db

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