In military terms, an Operator is generally someone who is a member of a special operations team. An Operator is clever and persuasive and, no matter the difficulty, manages to achieve his/her ends, usually through shrewd and, sometimes, questionable methods. An Urban Operator, however, may or may not be someone who has served in the military. In fact, anyone can be an Urban Operator, and everyone should consider becoming one – at least that’s our opinion.
So, what does an Urban Operator look like? You can’t easily pick them out because they look just like you and me. In fact, they are you and me. When it comes to UO’s, there is black and white and every shade in between. UO’s are not of a certain age, a particular sex, or a particular physique. You can’t detect one by the way they walk or the clothes they wear. They are clandestine. They are prepared. They represent safety, yet they also represent danger. They don’t live in the shadows. They walk among us. And YOU, may need one some day.
What does an Urban Operator carry on their person in preparation for the unknown challenge or mission they may face? That’s our mission – to introduce you, our friends, family, brothers, et al, to the tools you need to become a prepared UO. And the tools, too, are not just physical objects – they are intangible skills that you may need to survive an ever-challenging and threatening world.
Follow us into the world of Urban Operators and Everyday Carry (EDC). Here, we’ll equip you with the tools and information you need to defend yourself from the world and, perhaps, help others in need. And remember, Urban Operators are like ninjas – their skills are learned over time, and their tools acquired over time. Be patient. Be serious. Have fun.