Urban Operator Beefy-EDC Starter Kit w/11 Products

The Urban Operator Beefy-EDC Starter Kit is for the prepared citizen who is either starting their first portable EDC kit, or one who is expanding their preparedness to include a second or third portable kit for their car or other access point. This Starter Kit assumes you’ll add other essentials to it, some which you may already have, such as a glow stick, flashlight, battery charger, batteries, paracord, etc. Our Kit, as offered, represents approximately $90.00 in savings. We are only offering 5 kits at this price point at this time.

The following 10 products, all individually featured on our website, are components of the Kit, the nucleus of which is a Maxpedition BEEFY Pocket Organizer (11th product). 

• Ka-Bar Tactical Spork

• Griffin Pocket Tool; Polished Stainless Steel

• RATS Tourniquet

• Wilderness Survival Card

• Hardcore Hardware Special Ops Pen – TWI-01

• Ceramic Pocket Knife

• Classic Titanium Capsule

• Titanium Toothpick

• Titanium Gripped Survival Whistle

• Urban Operator 3D Logo Patch

You may choose between a Black or Khaki Maxpedition BEEFY Pocket Organizer (as inventory permits).

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.