Trump MAGA Patch - Mil/LE


President Trump is now recognized as THE quintessential Law and Order President. He LOVES law enforcement officers and he LOVES our military personnel. This Patch, based upon our original red/white/blue 3D Trump MAGA PVC Patch, has been produced at the request of military and law enforcement personnel from across the country. This, is the 3D Trump MAGA Patch – Mil/LE Version!

The Original Red/White/Blue Product Description:

Some opportunities come along once in a lifetime. Whether you supported this particular presidential candidate or not, it’s not likely we’ll see another one like him for many, many years – if then.

Wear it with pride, or save it as political memorabilia, for which there is a gigantic market, this 3-color 3D rubberized PVC patch measures 3.5″ (w) x 2.0″ (h) and is hook and loop-backed for easy mounting on virtually any hook and loop patch panel – especially those on our Blasting Caps which feature patch panels on the front and back of the cap.

Buy it to show your support. Give one to someone you know who supports President Trump, or put it away as collectible memorabilia. Whatever you do, don’t miss the opportunity to own one, or two, or…

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