Olight Torch Bundle

$116.49 $99.00

We’re celebrating the opening of Urban Operator by shedding light on two of our favorite products, the Olight S1 Baton flashlight and the Titanium Machined Capsule. With two CR123A batteries included, these well-crafted products normally sell for $116.49 when individually purchased. For a limited time we’re offering the flashlight, two batteries and the capsule for $99.00.

The Machined Capsule, produced by Titaner, is the perfect way to store your emergency backup battery. After all, one never knows how long any emergency situation will last, and being prepared for extended darkness is critical. Already have another place to store your backup battery? This waterproof capsule can store emergency money, prescription drugs or anything else you deem important enough to secure within it.

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The Olight Torch Bundle is only $99.00 for a limited time!

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