Hooch Rack - Illuminated Riser


At the end of a day at the range, or on the range, many an urban operator wets their whistle with a glass of their favorite spirits alongside their favorite friends.

Now you can ‘elevate your spirits’ in grand fashion and give it that ‘top shelf’ appearance…with the Hooch Rack.  LED lights make the shelving and bottles glow in a multitude of color choices, or you can select one of the pre-programmed patterns on the 24-Key remote to give your spirit display a rolling Aurora Borealis of colors effect.

The Hooch Rack is also ideal for use in an office setting, man cave and, of course, a the local saloon.  It’s a classy way to display the fine spirits used while toasting the signing of a big deal, winning a big case, or just a great day out with friends and family.

The Hooch Rack is available in two foot and four foot lengths as a stock product. Please email us (sales@urban-operator.com) if you’re interested in different sizes and custom colors.

Standard Overall Size: 24″ Wide (or 48″ Wide) x 8-1/2″ Tall x 9″ Deep